Case Study: Eden’s

Gut Glow-Up: How we helped Eden's achiEve Monthly growth.

The challenge

Eden’s helps people unlock gut health with their ‘Synbiotic Superblend’. 

They approached Nudge with the goal of growing revenue while improving budget efficiency. 

Strategy and execution

Strategy: Ecommerce success is all about momentum. Our strategy revolved around finding the most relevant audience and highlighting the immense benefits of the Synbiotic Superblend. 

Execution: We started by improving the channels where we were investing the most: Meta and Google Ads. This was done through targeting the right audiences and improving our creative strategy.

We also implemented a new reviews system and testimonial banner to boost social proof and overall site conversion.  

The Impact

In two months we successfully grew ROAS by 51% while simultaneously scaling budgets by 20%. 

The impact? All time highs in revenue with improved budget efficiency. 

We’re excited to continue to drive great results for such a gutsy brand!

With Nudge, we saw immediate improvements in our ROI and they continue to go above and beyond in order to maximize our performance and efficiency.

Alex LLoyd – Head of Marketing, Eden’s

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