Case Study: Bella Sleep

Turning dreams Into Dollars: Helping Bella Sleep Go to market.

Bella Sleep Eye Mask

The challenge

Bella Sleep helps customers achieve the perfect sleep with their groudbreaking sound wave technology.

They approached Nudge for support across their advertising channels.

Strategy and execution

Strategy: Finding the right growth channel can be exceptionally hard when launching a new business. Our goal was to capture customers with high intent in order to be as efficient as possible with every dollar spent. 

Execution: We recgonised Google Ads as the perfect starting point to capture customers searching for exactly what we are offering.

Over a series of consultations, we helped get the perfect Google Ads account setup. This included campaign strategy, budget, bid strategies and product optimisations.    

The Impact

Within the first weeks of launching we were able to find winning campaigns that drove an exceptionally high ROAS of 10x! 

We’re only getting started and will continue to leverage high performing channels to grow Bella into a sleeping giant. 

My sessions with Nudge have been excellent, extremely helpful and have packed a lot into an hour.

I’ve worked with Nudge across multiple brands for my online advertising and my satisfaction levels have always been high. 

Nathan Halsey – Founder of Bella Sleep

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